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Counseling Services

Outpatient Behavioral Health

What we do is provide a variety of counseling and techniques behavioral health services to all ages. We specialize in highly effective confidential treatment for a wide range of behavioral health challenges. We provided outpatient behavioral health services that uses evidenced based treatment modalities in a various therapeutic settings intensive, brief intervention, ongoing treatment, maintenance an as-needed or preventative basis. Services can be provided in variety of settings such as individual, couples, family or group

Individual Counseling is a face-to-face service which is performed to assist persons who are experiencing significant functional impairment due to mental, emotional, behavioral condition and/or other disorders.  Individual counseling aids in increasing the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to perform  activities of daily living, family and function in the community.  The individual counseling will aid in the person's self esteem, development and other  cognitive abilities, with room to grow to their fullest  potential.  Family and other support resources are encouraged to be a part of treatment. 

Family Counseling is to provide evidence based interventions and supportive services directed at developing, strengthening, and promoting healthy relationships.  The goal of the services is to enhance the relationship and foundation of the family unit. Other support resources are encourage to be a part of treatment.


Couples/Marriage Counseling and Relationship Empowerment is to assist in improving, enhancing and promote healthy couple, marital and other types of relationships.  This service provides development giving a boost to communication skills, understanding intimacy, understanding emotions and needs of self and others, commitment, accountability, and enjoying relationships.  As well as dealing with the family dynamic show to become a blended family or the diminishing affects of divorce.  Family and other support systems are encouraged in treatment.


Group Therapy is to provide a therapeutic environment that is conducive to treatment and may address a variety of needs to include, but not limited to  behavioral and other conduct issues, sexual abuse, stressors and other life changes/events, family issues, parenting, anger management,  grief, interpersonal relationships,  mental health issues, and drug/alcohol substance abuse, intimate partner violence, and other related issues that have been shown to be successfully treated within a group dynamic.  

DUI ADSAC Assessment/Evaluations are for individuals who have had their driver’s license revoked or suspended, care has been taken to assure that you will be properly assessed in order to provide the most meaningful level of intervention for your individualized situation. Once your assessment has been completed, a referral will be made to the appropriate intervention. Levels of intervention range on a continuum from a 10 hour DUI school (called an ADSAC course) and Victims Impact Panel, Substance Counseling to Residential Treatment, including aftercare.  The referral environment is an opportunity to review your current (and past) drinking and/or drug using behaviors, relating to your driving privilege. 

At our agency, we provide services for all ages in varies settings such as Individual, couples/marriage, family and Group, and Other Specialized Services. Below are some of the issues, problems and concerns that our providers address:

 Complex Psychological Issues        Depression/Anxiety           Substance Abuse                  DUI/ ADSAC Assessments            Trauma/PTSD 

 Grief and Loss/Bereavement          Sexual Abuse                    Prevention Education            Recovery Maintenance                Codependency        Relationship Empowerment           Self Esteem                       Mood Disorders                     Parenting Enhancement              Divorce                      Anger Mgt/Impulse Control            Stress Management         Family Conflict/issues           Crisis Debriefing                           Domestic Abuse 

 Behavioral Issues                            Coping Skills                      Life Skills                                Peer Relationships                       Life Changes

 Men/Women's Issues                      Spirituality                        Social skills                             Blended families                          Parent Child Conflict


and much more...... ​Please contact our office to schedule an appointment or for more information.


CEU's, Seminars/Workshops, Supervision, Training and Keynote speaker

Our education, seminars, case staffing and supervision were developed to provide leadership, guidance and resources to healthcare professionals meet the educational needs of licensure and for candidates to prepare them for success in healthcare. 

Supervision and Education:

We offer LPC, LADC and LMFT supervision to eligible candidates for licensure. We provide 1:1 and group supervision.


Case Staffing

We also provide case staffing with other behavioral healthcare professionals (licensed or candidate) who may not have access to staff cases or treatment team who would benefit from this as a  tool in their practice or group. 


Seminars, Workshops, Presentations:

Our facilitators are approved to provide high quality continuing education seminars. All seminars are qualified for the healthcare professional to receive CEU's.  We also work with national and state boards and associations to provide curriculum/subject matter for a variety of licensures. We assist in you keep up with what's happening in your industry. No matter what your title or position. We offer a variety of seminars/workshops through out the year that suits your needs and try to accommodate most  schedules.


Keynote Speaking and Training:

We provide keynote speaking and training for conferences and other corporations who need or require education.

For more information and fees please contact our office.